Legal Framework for Low Voltage Power Generation (25/03/2002)

Profession:Macedo Vitorino e Associados

In 1988, Decree-Law 188/88 set the legal framework for the independent power generation and opened the market to new operators that later joined the National Power System.

Decree-Law 68/2002, of 25 March 2002, created the legal framework for the generation of low voltage power.

This activity is included in the Independent Power System and may be operated by natural or legal persons, as well as other entities mentioned in article 2 of Decree-Law 68/2002.

The applicant must submit an application for a license, together with the relevant project, which must be approved by the Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Economy.

The rights and obligations of the generator are established in articles 5 and 6, in particular the generator's right to use or sell to any third party the power it generates, its obligations to deliver and receive power in...

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