Conservation Of Nationality For Portuguese Descendants Born In Former African Colonies (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique And São Tomé And Príncipe)

Author:Ms Caliana Coelho
Profession:Ana Bruno & Associados Sociedade de Advogados SPRL

Individuals born in territories belonging to former Portuguese colonies in Africa, prior to the respective independence dates who were descendants up to the third degree of Portuguese citizens, can formulate a request for transcription of their birth to the Portuguese Civil Registries:

born in mainland Portugal or adjacent islands; born abroad to a father or mother born in Portugal or in the adjacent islands naturalized nationalized. Decreto-Lei no. 308-A / 75 of 24 June was the legal instrument by which the conservation of Portuguese nationality was established for the descendants of the citizens belonging to at least one of the groups listed above, which were granted, however, the power to declare that they do not want to be Portuguese, provided that they do so within two years from the date of their independence.

Such diploma, although revoked, attributed Portuguese nationality to such individuals, without having been subsequently withdrawn from them; contrary to the situation in which other individuals born in these same States became, who are no longer Portuguese nationals (Cf. Art. 4 of DL 308-A / 75 of 24 June).

Thus, those who have been...

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