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Portugal is unanimously considered to have laid down long, sustainable economic and financial policies aimed at stability, productivity and growth. Furthermore, its tax system provides among the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU, mainly due to the Fiscal Investment Reserve Incentive ability to grant merit payments and risk sharing for sound and solid foreign investments.

The adoption of the Euro - removing most foreign exchange risk within Europe and reducing volatility for exchange with non-euro currencies and providing low inflation and interest rates, production costs among the lowest in the EU, stable growth forecasts above the European average, all constitute strong incentives to invest in Portugal.

Several substantial new measures to cut red tape and unnecessary costs have been approved by the Portuguese Government and are now in the implementation phase. These reforms intend to provide economic growth and will allow more efficiency and better conditions for investing in Portugal.

Portugal's specific geographical position represents a privileged gateway to Europe, America and Africa. As a result, a broad set of road and communication infrastructures have been developed over the years, including a world leading, state-of-the-art, broadband telephone network system with high-speed capabilities and a main line high-density capacity.

Nonetheless, Portugal?s Latin culture can mean a strong role for the State and heavy...

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