Brazilians Can Request The Portuguese Nationality By Way Of Sephardic Jews

Author:Mr Wagner Silva
Profession:Ana Bruno & Associados Sociedade de Advogados SPRL

Many Brazilians continue to arrive in Portugal in order to make this small European country, very welcoming, your new home, your new country.

The increase in violence in the large Brazilian cities, the economic slowdown and the constant political instability that has taken hold in Brazilian democracy in recent years, have been crucial for many Brazilians taken advantage of the fact that they are descendants of Portuguese by consanguinity straight from 1st or 2nd degree (parents or grandparents) to apply for Portuguese nationality by attribution, that is nationality granted in its original form.

However, the requests described above are not the only ones that can provide Brazilians with a chance to obtain Portuguese nationality, and there are also requests by way of the Sephardic Jews.

Created by Decree-Law 30-A / 2015, this is a little known route among Brazilians who want to obtain Portuguese nationality, since many must have never heard or if they have heard they must have rejected it immediately because they think that only those direct descendants of Jews or practitioners of Judaism could follow this request, which is a tremendous mistake.

Thus, in order to better understand how this procedure works, it is necessary to briefly go through the historical plot of the Sephardic Jews.

Historical Synthesis of Sephardic Jews.

Sephardic Jews are Jews descended from the ancient and traditional Jewish communities of the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain). From the end of the fifteenth century the Sephardic were persecuted by the Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, and later by the Inquisition, being forced to convert to Catholicism, under penalty of being expelled from their territory, which caused the flight of thousands of Jews to various countries, such as Brazil.

Many Portuguese Jews, seeking to escape Catholic intolerance in Portugal, saw in the "new world", Brazil, the opportunity to freely practice their faith, including the Christianized who practiced Judaism in secret.

It was in Brazil that the first Jewish community in America was established. With the expulsion of the Jews from Portugal, soon after the discoveries, Jews converted to Catholicism (New Christians) had already settled in the then new colony.

Northeastern Brazil, during the period of Dutch domination that lasted 24 years (16th century), many Sephardic settlers settled in the country, especially in Recife, where they became prosperous traders and founded the first synagogue...

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